Microsoft to release just one patch tomorrow

Microsoft to release just one patch tomorrow

Tomorrow is the second Tuesday of the month and that means the Microsoft Patch Day has arrived. The software giant releases the patches for their software and operating systems on this day to make it easier for the system and network administrators to be prepared for it. In addition, they also inform some of their customers in advance about the specifications of the patches.

The latest report in says that the company has in store just one patch for their consumers for the month of November. However, the patch has been rated as ‘critical’ so it becomes important for the consumers to upgrade as soon as possible. The bulletin would be called the “MS05-053” and it affects the Windows Operating System.

Stephen Toulouse, the head of Microsoft’s Security Response Center (MSRC) wrote on his Blog about this patch: “The maximum total severity rating for this month is Critical, so please update systems as soon as possible when the bulletin is available this coming Tuesday”. No other detail has been released by the company.

However, the security companies are not amused. As per some of the research companies, as many as eight known security flaws are still lying unfixed in the Windows operating system alone.

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