NASA to test more before shuttle return to hanger

NASA to test more before shuttle return to hanger

NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) has decided to conduct another test with the Space Shuttle before it takes it back to the hanger. They would be carrying out another fueling test on Discovery at the launch pad before they replace the tank with a safer, updated model.

The space agency still is quite optimist about their chances to launch the Space Shuttle into the space as per current scheduled date of sometime in mid July. They have already delayed the launch of Shuttle two times and another delay might result in further postponement considering the weather situation would require them to shift it to a much further date.

The first test which took place on April 14 led to discovery of sensor and valve problems which are still unsolved and the extra time period now available with them would help in solving these issues. And NASA would move the shuttle back to its hanger sometime later this month for the body work required to change the Discovery’s fuel tank.

The fuel tank planned to be used in second post-Columbia flight, by Atlantis would now be fitted into the Discovery Space Shuttle. More modifications are planned in the form of a heater that arrived at Kennedy Space Center on Thursday. It would prevent the buildup of ice once super-cold fuel is pumped in right before liftoff.

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