Volkswagen to offer Passat 2005 with Nokia Automotive Solutions

Volkswagen to offer Passat 2005 with Nokia Automotive Solutions

Volkswagen would become the first automobile company to offer their customers a factory-fitted automotive communication solution. The company would be offering this premium handset integration product from Nokia Automotive with their upcoming new offering, the new Volkswagen Passat 2005. The product is compatible with the Bluetooth SIM Access Profile.

The product is aimed at providing the owners of this luxury vehicle the benefits of a car phone with external GSM antenna. It also comes with hands free mode, while maintaining the GSM identity letting the user to keep the same phone number and SIM card as the mobile phone.

Nokia calls this technology as simply ‘Nokia car phone with Bluetooth technology’ and enables the user to control many applications via an external alphanumerical keyboard or the multifunctional steering wheel and the voice dial. In addition, it also provides the ability to access personal contact information stored in the mobile using the very popular Bluetooth wireless technology.

The Bluetooth SIM Access Profile lets the system to access the SIM card of a compatible mobile phone. This logs the system onto the GSM network. User can manually choose to deactivate this receiving mode enabling the mobile to connect back to the mobile network. This of course also happens when the user gets out of the car.

The German car-manufacturing giant would be launching this car during the summer of the current year.

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