Eric Schmidt says Google is not in direct competition with Microsoft

Eric Schmidt says Google is not in direct competition with Microsoft

This is interesting. Media has gone ballistic over the competition between the software industry leaders Microsoft and the search engine giants Google. And both Microsoft and Google have somewhat officially denied that this is true. Some days back Microsoft CEO Bill Gates claimed that they do not see Google as their top competitor as companies like IBM, Nokia and Sony pose a bigger challenge to their most important markets.

Now, the latest news in is that Google CEO Eric Schmidt has said something similar. Schmidt said in a statement during an interview with the media group BBC: “I think there’s space (for both). Google is in the information business. Microsoft has its approach that’s different from ours. We have our own. We’re focused relentlessly on doing what we’re doing. This is not really about competition with other companies. It’s really about choices and solving an end-user problem.”

This is in much contrast to how media portray the two companies. Google dominates the search engine and online advertisement market, which has grown too big for Microsoft to ignore. And Google has now somewhat entered the Microsoft’s domain by releasing tools and software which somewhat competes with Microsoft’s own applications like Google Talk and Google Desktop.

Google also launched a software starters pack for computer users who are not very techie. This pack contains some freeware alternatives competing with Microsoft products along with their own applications like Google Desktop and Picasa. The end result is that you never know what both companies have in mind…

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