Google announces the launch of Google VideoStore

Google announces the launch of Google VideoStore

Search Engine market leaders Google somewhat joined the long list of services entering the digital video sales market as they launched their new service Google VideoStore at the ongoing International Consumer Electronics Show. The launch was launched during the keynote speech by co-founder and President Larry Page. Google would be allowing the web users to buy and download video content from various media giants collaborating with them to provide content on Google VideoStore.

For now, content from CBS Broadcasting and the National Basketball Association (NBA) has been made available on this online store. Page added that the service would be both buyer and seller friendly, as the content providers would decide on how much and in what quantity that they want to sell on the store. This means that they have the power to control whether their content is available for rental or download and for how long.

In addition, Google also announced the availability of Google Video Player for playing these videos. Also, the company has said that they are now collaborating with companies like Independent Television News, The Charlie Rose Show, Sony BMG Music Entertainment, Classic Media, HDNet, and PorchLight Entertainment to provide them content.

Google entered the Video searching market quite sometime back. However, until now they were only letting the web users to search television programming and upload video content onto the Internet. With the launch of this new service, a lot more is available for both the content providers and the users of their services.

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