Motorola to feature Google on their mobile phones

Motorola to feature Google on their mobile phones

World’s second largest mobile phone maker Motorola has announced that they would be embedding a Google button on their upcoming mobile phones to let users click on it and search on the internet. This new feature is expected to make it to some of the higher end mobile phones from the company capable of connecting to the internet in the coming times.

The aim is to make it easier for the mobile users to use the internet and make use of the most popular search engine on the internet. Many people despite having the capability in their handsets are not very enthusiastic about using the mobile to surf the internet. However, Google and Motorola believe that the future of the internet would rely a lot on users surfing online from their mobile sets.

Google chief executive Eric Schmidt recently said in a statement: “People are going to spend all their time on it eventually.” Motorola’s long-term goal is to integrate the support for Google in all their mobile phones as the time goes by. The first phones to get this special feature are expected to come out in the market by the end of the year.

Motorola is expecting that Google friendly phones would help it receive more orders from mobile service providers who want to improve revenues from users using the value added services like internet connectivity. The easier they make it for the user to connect to web, the more like a mobile user is to make use of this extra functionality. And all of the involved parties get benefited in the end.

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