Airbus signs on a mega order deal with Chinese government

Airbus signs on a mega order deal with Chinese government

Europe based airline manufacturer Airbus has announced that they have signed an order worth almost $10 Billion for 150 aircraft with the Chinese government. This is the company’s biggest single order as the aviation market in the world is seeing massive growth in the recent times. This latest deal also goes on to confirm that the current year will be a record year of orders for the global aircraft industry.

This is good news if we see the financial problems faced by the various America based airline operators ever since the 911 incident. Markets like China and India are helping the cause as massive growth in the aviation sector has bring new players to market resulting in increased demand for new aircrafts and planes.

Airbus competitor Boeing also has reported that they have secured 800 orders up to November 30. Airbus officials said in a statement: “This will be a record year for both Airbus and Boeing in terms of orders. But don’t assume Boeing will be ahead by the end of the year as there’s still some time to go and we will deliver more for the third year running.” Another large order is expected to be announced soon by the Australian national carrier Qantas and it would be interesting to see which of these two giants bag this order.

As per market reports, China is expected to become one of the major markets in the aviation sector in the coming years with demand for more than 2,500 jets over the next 20 years.

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