Fox Filmed Entertainment has no plans to support HD DVD format

Fox Filmed Entertainment has no plans to support HD DVD format

Fox Filmed Entertainment seems to be mighty impressed by the Blu-Ray format, which is currently under development by a group headed by entertainment giants Sony. Fox has said that they have no plans to support the rival group (headed by Toshiba) format HD DVD. They believe that the Blu-Ray format would emerge as the clear winner as it is going to be supported by the upcoming Playstation 3 gaming console, which would bring it to the masses.

Fox has also said that they would not be releasing any of their titles on the HD DVD format unlike most other movie studios, which are playing it safe, and plans to release their films on both the versions until a standard is decided. Most of these movies studios are impressed by the innovative Blu-ray’s restrictive copy-protection scheme.

However, Hewlett-Packard is one company, which is not very supportive of this DRM technology and had recently announced that they might be forced to move to the Toshiba camp, which has the support of both Intel and Microsoft. HD DVD employs more lax copy controls and this might become crucial for computer manufacturers to support to keep their consumers happy in the longer run.

Fox Filmed Entertainment co-chairman James Gianopulos on his part said in a statement: “We believe that Blu-ray not only has the superior technology and backing in terms of strength to market but also the superior content protection.” Microsoft chairperson Bill Gates however believes that Sony’s Blu-Ray format is anti-customer, as it is not going to be very friendly with people who want to make copies of the digital content.

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