Toshiba sets to launch HD DVD players in US in March

Toshiba sets to launch HD DVD players in US in March

Japan based electronic and tech giant Toshiba has finally confirmed that they would be launching their much awaited high-definition players that support its HD DVD format in the competitive and crucial market of US by March. This would mark the first time, this next generation format for digital storage would make an appearance in the market.

Sony is competing with Toshiba’s HD DVD format with their own Blu-Ray format and has plans to launch Blu-Ray technology supporting players in the market by summer this year. Both these launch dates are for the American market and it is amusing that the launches in their home markets of Japan are still not confirmed.

Toshiba announced two HD DVD based players HD-XA1 and HD-A1, which would come at a retail price of $799, and $499 respectively in the US market by the same time, Hollywood titles in this format would make an appearance in the market. However, the problem for the end consumer in the initial days is going to be the fact that both these standards are incompatible with each other and they would have to choose the player based on what kind of content is available for them.

Sony might gain a slight advantage with the launch of their next generation gaming console Playstation 3 which would come powered by a Blu-Ray compatible drive. Toshiba can now take some relief from the fact that their supports Microsoft have announced plans to release an external HD DVD drive for their already launched Xbox 360 gaming console.

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