Hewlett-Packard replaces Apple iTunes with RealNetworks’ Rhapsody

Hewlett-Packard replaces Apple iTunes with RealNetworks’ Rhapsody

Hewlett-Packard was till sometime back developing their own branded versions of the Apple iPod range of digital music players. However, the company announced that they had no plans to renew their deal permitting them to release HP branded Apple iPods. Now, the latest news is that the PC manufacturer has also stopped bundling Apple iTunes application with their consumer PCs sold in the retail market.

The company has now switched to a more open and widely supported RealNetworks’ Rhapsody music service. This move was widely expected after HP decided to stop making the iPods. This would perhaps also resulting in HP now venturing into manufacturing their own portable entertainment devices after they noticed that the Apple brand was overshadowing their venture with the company.

This move now means that the Real’s Rhapsody would become the default music-playing software on HP’s new PCs and laptops. HP also plans to offer a free 30-day trial subscription to RealNetworks’ music subscription service in a couple of months to their new customers of HP computers. HP general manager Bob Lund said in a statement: “HP is committed to bringing consumers the best PC entertainment experience.”

He added that the company wants to provide an easy access to a leading subscription music experience. Real has also shown happiness at their new deal with Hewlett-Packard. RealNetworks Senior Vice President Dan Sheeran said in a statement: “When we look at HP’s consumer product lineup, we get very excited. We view that as a great potential opportunity for Rhapsody to flow into other devices.”

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