Yahoo! plans to monitor online behavior for targeted advertisements

Yahoo! plans to monitor online behavior for targeted advertisements

Search engine giant Yahoo! has announced that they plan to boost the effectiveness of its advertising along with its rates by targeted advertisements to their visitors, which are based on their online browser behavior. The company’s advertising sales chief released this information as the company plans to target Google to attain more advertisers on their network.

Yahoo Executive Vice President Greg Coleman was speaking to a media group when he said: “The new, new thing at Yahoo, even though we’ve had variations of this, is getting much more into behavioral targeting.” However, they plan to continue using the traditional methods of contextual based advertisements on search result pages.

Yahoo! however clarified that they do not give personal information to advertising clients but tracks a few types of behavior by its users. This includes tracking of search queries, movement through Yahoo sites and the specific ads clicked by the Yahoo! registered user. With this information, the web pages on yahoo! website would show advertisements more likely to be related to user’s preferences and hobbies.

Generally, the search engine company has focused on customer demographics or geographic location instead of behavior for their advertisement modules.

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