Nokia to double its manufacturing capacity in China

Nokia to double its manufacturing capacity in China

Lots of news coming in from the world’s largest mobile phone maker. The latest is that the company has decided to double its production of mobile phones in their development center located in China. Nokia has a plant in Dongguan and they plan to increase the production of mobile phones here to meet the growing demand from the Asian customer.

China along with India is one of the fastest growing mobile markets in the region and Nokia aims to be the dominating player here. As a result, the company is concentrating on keeping the cost of manufacturing low in this region resulting in cheaper and better value for money products.

Nokia plans to gradually increase the production capacity at this plant starting next year and the plant would be employing 1,900 staff at full capacity against 1,100 now. Nokia has on its payroll around 6,000 people in the Chinese units. Nokia said in a statement: “Dongguan is a strategic location for Nokia’s global supply network for mobile devices. Increasing capacity in Dongguan will help Nokia to improve its competitive position in the fast-growing Chinese and Asian markets.”

Nokia also claimed that they have sold around 23 million handsets in China in the first three months of the year which is a massive improvement compared to last years figures. With increased capacities, Nokia should be able to put out even more impressive figures next year.

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