Nokia unveils 6282, 6233, and 6234 3G mobile phones

Nokia unveils 6282, 6233, and 6234 3G mobile phones

Mobile phone maker Nokia has launched a new range of 3G mobile phones. this new range consists of three separate models and one of these is targeted at the new high-speed networks in the United States. The company struggles against dominating local player Motorola in North America and aims to solidify their position in this high profile market.

These three mobile phones are targeted at offering better performance products to the consumer in the US to gain more market share. Motorola has practically dominated this market with their Razr range of mobile phones in the recent times. The Nokia 6282 would be available during the first quarter of 2006 and would be targeted at the regions offering 1900 MHz UMTS services.

This phone is equipped with a 1-megapixel camera and digital music player. The UMTS technology would enable the owners of these high-end mobile phones to play video as well as download games and music from the mobile network services. The second model is the Nokia 6234, which is aimed at the customers of Vodafone. This camera has a 2-megapixel camera, color screen, and digital music player and it is due to go on sale in the first quarter of 2006.

The third new model is the Nokia 6233. this is a stainless steel 3G phone with a 2-megapixel camera and digital music player. Nokia would be launching this phone in the retail market in the second quarter of 2006. Nokia plans to sell this mobile phone for about 325 euros before taxes and subsidies.

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