Apple due to make another major announcement soon?

Apple due to make another major announcement soon?

Market is buzz with speculation for another major blockbuster announcement from the maker of Macintosh computers and the fabulous iPod range of music players. The company is due to hold a special event in San Jose next week as per the incoming reports. This would be Apple’s second such event meets in around a month’s time.

Last time the company holds such a meet, they launched the fantastic iPod nano and the Motorola ROKR phone. While the latter was received lukewarmly by the customers, iPod nano has had a smashing success despite reports of some consumers complaining about the poor quality scratch prone screen of the device. Apple has promised to replace such problematic units which somewhat calms the situation.

Apple sent out the invitations for this upcoming event yesterday and the invitation talks about “One more thing” written on top. Steve Jobs is famous for such calls to the media and usually end up announcing something special, which mesmerizes the media and the Apple fan base. They have as usual not revealed about what the event would be about.

It might be the Apple’s own iPhone which the Motorola boss talked about and it can be possibly about another major upgrade to the Mac Mini range of budget computers with higher specifications. However, we would only know when the day arrives!

Knowing Apple and Steve Jobs, it would definitely be worth waiting for…

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