Verizon comes to rescue for Vonage for 911 calls

VoIP based telephony service Vonage finally gets a helping hand from the Verizon network. They were facing legal troubles with their lack of support for the 911 emergency services. They now are in collaboration with Verizon who would let them use their network and Verizon’s landline and wireless enhanced 911 services for better handling of the emergency calls on the 911-helpline number.

Due to this collaboration now, the calls placed within the areas where Verizon services are available, the caller will not have to give out caller location and a call back number. Their Vonage phones would do that on their behalf. This helps them save time in response act. The deal is first example where a traditional phone company is helping VoIP telephony services.

Vonage executives were very pleased with how Verizon has dropped in with their help in providing them access to the emergency services. Jeffrey A. Citron, Vonage’s CEO said in a statement: “Verizon is a responsible steward of the E9-1-1 public trust, through their foresight Vonage is able to implement an E9-1-1 solution that will serve all customers.”

The company has been already sued by the State of Connecticut and Texas for allegedly misleading customers over its 911 capabilities. Michigan is said to be preparing a case against them. However, the latest development might highlight the steps the company is taking to show that they are serious about the issue and are working towards solving it.

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