Snocap captures a biggie in Sony BMG

Snocap captures a biggie in Sony BMG

Sometime back, the original developer of Napster, Shawn Fanning announced his next project in the form of Snocap tracking system for legalized online music sharing services. And he is back in mainstream news with the latest signing of deal with Sony BMG for a copyright management and filtering system. The service would let P2P users swap songs legitimately over P2P networks.

Napster started the trend of music swapping online long time back. After that, it was stuck in legal battles with the RIAA and MPAA. Now, the company has taken a legitimate route with a business plan, which is competing with Apple iTunes right now. They recently launched their TO GO subscription module to take on the for sale songs concept.

Snocap is different from Napster. It is quite close to what the music industry was seeking to implement on the net for p2p sharing of songs. It is a way to turn P2P networks into very profitable tools for distributing music at low costs. Normal music stores are not that profitable considering the high bandwidth costing of delivering songs to the end user. P2P has many advantages over this traditional method on sharing songs on the Internet.

They are more reliable as the services are not based on servers, which can go down due to technical glitches. The costing is low considering the bandwidth is shared by the users amongst themselves.

Both the companies have not exactly revealed their partnership details. Sony BMG however has disclosed that they already have started to register its content with Snocap’s copyright management interface. A company representative said in a statement: “Snocap’s technology will help to curb copyright infringement, and will facilitate the creation of legitimate, authorized peer to peer services”.

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