Intel gives out more details on Yonah processor

Intel gives out more details on Yonah processor

Microprocessor giants and the world’s largest maker of PC chips Intel have now formally announced their new lineup for this year. They announced their new range of processors at the ongoing Consumer Electronics Show (CES) being held in Las Vegas. Intel also as expected announced the plans to adopt a new brand identity as reported in the media a couple of days ago.

The company is now dropping its famed tagline and the logo of “Intel Inside” and would now be marketing their products under the new punch line “Intel. Leap ahead.”. In addition, Intel also unveiled a new logo for their current generation Centrino mobile technology and the upcoming Viiv technology platform for the digital home.

Intel is also due to announce today their Viiv processor based personal computing products. AMD has again taken the initiative in this consumer product segment by launching their AMD Live! program. Intel also announced the launch of four new processors in their latest Yonah range. These are T2300, T2400, T2500, and T2600. These are priced at competitive rates of $241, $294, $423, and $637 respectively.

In addition, a single core processor was also announced T1300 which would cost around $209. These prices as usual are for sales in quantities of 1,000 units to direct Intel customers. The company also unveiled two other dual-core low voltage mobile Yonah chips, L2300 and L2400 priced at $284 and $316 respectively. Also new in the Pentium M range of processors is the ultra low voltage Pentium M chip, the 773, which would cost around $273.

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