LG launches PM70, JM53 and FM30 player in the US market

LG launches PM70, JM53 and FM30 player in the US market

South Korean tech giants LG have announced that they are now entering the highly competitive digital portable device market in the United States. This market is largely dominated by Apple Computers with their iPod range of music and video players. LG has launched three new players in the same segment and plans to take on the very popular iPod Video in this market.

LG has launched three players namely, PM70, JM53, and FM30. All of these are capable of playing digital video content. PM70 is a portable media-center device, which comes with a good 30GB hard drive and video-recording capability. JM53 player is a regular video player with hard drive based storage system and the FM30 is pretty similar but uses flash-based memory storage.

PM70 is of course the most impressive of the lot considering it can record MPEG4 video directly from a composite video input. However, considering Apple keeps their DRM technology locked, none of these players would be compatible with the content downloaded from the Apple iTunes digital store. They are betting on the fact that a large number of users out their would like more choices when it comes to downloading digital content and playing them on a range of devices.

Bob Perry, VP of consumer electronics sales and marketing for LG’s North American unit, said in a statement on the DRM issues: “There is a high-end segment of the iPod market that doesn’t want to be locked in. Once people pay for their video, they want the flexibility to move their media around.” The company has applied for certification for the PlaysForSure label which would give quite flexibility to the owners of these new players with other digital stores on the internet.

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