Netgear showcases mobile phone powered by Skype

Netgear showcases mobile phone powered by Skype

Netgear has announced that they are collaborating with the software developer Skype to launch some of the first wireless mobile telephones powered by Skype VoIP technology. Skype is the dominating software players in this market and were recently acquired by ecommerce giants eBay for big bucks. Netgear has announced their first such handset which would work wherever the consumer gets access to a wireless Internet access point.

This is different from the current generation of Skype phones, which are required to be connected to a PC connected to the internet. This market for VoIP enabled mobile phones is growing up pretty rapidly with more and more network equipment maker launching new product range. The advantage of using phones powered by Skype is that the users can make free national and international calls to other users connected to Skype. And a small fee is charged to make calls on regular phones, which still come out to be lot cheaper compared to regular telephony technology.

Patrick Lo, Netgear’s chairman and chief executive said in a statement about their plans: “Customers can now call anyone on Skype, anywhere in the world for free without using a PC anytime they are connected to Wi-Fi.” He was addressing the media at the ongoing Consumers Electronics Show underway in Las Vegas this week.

Their phone would come preloaded with Skype application and users would be required to log into it using their regular Skype user id and password. The software loaded on the phone would then download the entire contact list and other settings from the servers and make the phone available for making phone calls using the Wi-Fi signals available in the surrounding region.

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