AMD Live! to take on Intel Viiv

AMD Live! to take on Intel Viiv

The underdogs in the PC microprocessor manufacturing segment AMD (Advanced Micro Devices) have finally announced their initiative to take on the new approach from their rivals and market leaders Intel. AMD has had a fantastic time in the year 2005 where they dominated the proceedings with newer technical advancements and progress in the server market and they are aiming to continue their good work.

The company showcased their new products at the ongoing Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas and unveiled its digital media vision for the upcoming demands from the consumers in the future. And they are now planning to develop consumer desktop and note books PCs under the brand name of AMD Live!

AMD also announced a new collaboration with STMicrolectronics who are the leading supplier of processors used in set-top boxes. These two companies would now be working in collaboration to ensure that ST’s latest generation set-top box chip, the STB710x is compatible with the new AMD Live! products.

Hal Speed, marketing architect for AMD said in a statement: “We’ve all been looking and searching for the Holy Grail of how we get the consumer convergence to take place, and there has been a lot of experimentation going on. We think that based on consumer research we’ve been doing that the real start of this will take place in 2006. The partnership with STMicrolectronics is designed to show that AMD wants to work with the consumer electronics industry to ensure that next-generation cable TV set-top boxes will work well with AMD-based PCs.”

AMD also now believes that their new initiative would help them take advantage of momentum, which has seen AMD powered computers outselling the computers loaded with Intel processors. They aim to bring these new AMD Live! branded products in the market by the mid of 2006 and plan a huge marketing campaign to promote them.

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