Ford and Chrysler reports falling sales in December 2005

Ford and Chrysler reports falling sales in December 2005

The year 2005 was not good for the auto industry in the United States. All the top American auto manufacturers are making huge losses and both ford and General Motors are on their way to cut jobs and shut down manufacturing plants. The last month of the year 2005 was no good considering Ford and Chrysler both have reported falling sales in December.

This is for the third consecutive month that Ford and Chrysler reported falls in their sales of cars. In comparison, Japanese auto giant Toyota continued to do good business and gained more market share in the US market. Ford reported sales falling by around 9% in the month of December with DaimlerChrysler reported a 2 percent fall in sales for December.

General Motors is to report their sales figure for the month today and they are not expected to come out with any surprise either. More and more US customers are now preferring to buy Japanese based cars as the fuel prices have shot through the roof in the recent months. US based automakers specialize in making fuel guzzling SUVs and trucks, which used to be the preferred vehicle of choice for the domestic market.

Toyota and Honda along with Nissan specializes in manufacturing fuel efficient and reliable cars with some of them even using the latest hybrid technologies. As a result, GM and Ford have themselves announced several initiatives to get into the market of manufacturing hybrid vehicles to prepare for the demand in the future.

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