AOL goes deep into mobile services

AOL goes deep into mobile services

Mobile services have become the hot keyword in the United States internet market as Google and Yahoo! both have dived into it. The latest big market player to offer mobile services is America Online, which has just launched the final versions of the several mobile search services. These services were currently under testing since the month of July.

AOL would require their customers to access these services on a browser on their mobile devices and go to This webpage would let them access AOL Search general Web search engine, its Pinpoint Shopping comparison-shopping engine, and its AOL Yellow Pages listing of local businesses.

Users can search on these services as they would search on any regular search engines. Normally, mobile-based services require special keywords and syntaxes for making searches. However, AOL wants their own services to be as simple as possible for normal web users. The company is using technology gained from InfoGin, which ensures that the result pages shows properly on the small screen devices.

AOL is currently providing these services for free.

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