Nvidia expected to outsell ATI in 2005

Nvidia expected to outsell ATI in 2005

A senior market analyst company iSuppli has speculated that this year, Nvidia is expected to outsell ATI in the market. If this indeed happens, it would reverse the trends of last year when ATI sold more graphic cards than Nvidia. iSuppli track semiconductor sales from all the major chipmakers and Nvidia and ATI turn up at number 24 and 25 respectively.

These two companies are expected to hardly account for 0.9 per cent and 0.8 per cent sales of semiconductors in the world in 2005. iSuppli said that if the current trends are to be believed, by the end of 2005, Nvidia would have sold $2.063bn worth of chips, while ATI will have sold $1.992bn. last year saw ATI sold $1.913bn worth of chips, 13.9 per cent more than Nvidia’s $1.68bn revenues.

If we compare the figures from the last year, Nvidia’s sales rose 22.8 per cent compared to just 4.1 percent rise for ATI. However, these figures are just estimates and the analyst is yet to add on sales in the forth quarter. Third quarter of the current year saw ATI taking 26.2 per cent of the PC graphics chip market. this is impressive compared to Nvidia’s 17.8 per cent share.

However, all these figures include Nvidia’s non-graphics chips and other non-PC graphics products from both the companies, which are aimed at set-top box, TV, and mobile phone makers. Next year would see both these companies launch new 90nm GPUs. ATI is expected to launch their R580 while Nvidia would be coming out with their GeForce 7600 (aka ‘G73’) and 7200 (‘G72’).

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