Auto Sales slow down in USA in November

Auto Sales slow down in USA in November

The auto market in the USA saw a slowdown in the month of November. Gas prices have somehow fallen down and most automakers in the country are still offering huge discounts. However, this could not get the customers to the car showrooms. Not only the local manufacturers like Ford and GM suffered slowing sales, even the foreign automakers could not create any magic on their sales charts.

General Motors, Ford, and Chrysler all reported lower November sales on Thursday. Even the dominating player in the market Toyota reported minor gains in their sales figures. The customer in USA continues to ignore the traditional big sellers like sport utility vehicles and they are still preferring reliable and fuel efficient cars and car-based crossover utilities.

Most of these auto manufacturers introduced new discount schemes at the beginning of the month to attract the customer to their showrooms. However, none of them seems to have worked. Automakers on their part continue to suffer as the discounts is resulting in huge losses for them as the sales charts are returning disappointing figures.

All the automakers are hoping for a better month this December and hopes that the discounts they have lined up for the consumers would finally result in some hefty sales resulting in an encouraging end to the year.

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