Splogs cluttering the internet

Splogs cluttering the internet

If the problem of email spamming was not enough, now the internet is being cluttered with a growing phenomenon called Splogs. Everyone who has blogged for a while would know that these online diaries are picked up nicely by the various search engines. And well, if the same online CMS systems are used for putting up fake sites with the aim of generating revenues through online advertisement, it result in a Splog filled internet.

This keyword has been coined by combining two words Spam and Blogs. These blogs are not personal journals of individuals as blogs were originally designed to be. Now, spammers and search engine optimization people are using the same concept for developing million of irrelevant sites with keyword rich pages to fool Google into believing that they are good sites full of information.

Blogger is one of the primary targets considering it is a free service and provide APIs, which are easily manipulated to make it easier to put on thousands of junk pages in little time. Google has now taken some steps to stop these bots from posting multiple pages in a short duration of time. However, loopholes would always stay and the problem is only going to be magnified.

Add to these, various re-Blogging services are available on the net, which enables a user to start sites with nothing but a couple of RSS feeds. The content made available from third party sites are automatically converted into pages with relevant content by these services and tools. These also make it easier for Sploggers to generate even more number of Splogs on the internet.

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