Free Blog hosts being used to host malicious code

Free Blog hosts being used to host malicious code

Anyone who is fond of reading blogs on the internet would know that they have started to become a nice source for spammers to host junk websites and spam comments to get higher Google rankings. Now, the latest trend is even more damaging to the unsuspecting users of the World Wide Web. Reports claim that hackers and developers of malicious codes are using blogs for hosting files, which might load a Trojan to the user’s computer for bad purposes.

Internet security firm Websense said that this year has seen the growth of this concept to gigantic levels. The company just released their Websense Security Trends Report 2005 and they claim that the first half of this year saw the Web become “by far the fastest growing attack vector”. In addition, the malware authors have started to distribute links to malicious files in socially engineered e-mails instead of sending the actual files.

These kinds of mails are easily blocked in corporate environments and mail clients with anti-span filters. The report stated: “These aren’t the kind of Web sites that someone would stumble upon and infect their machine accidentally. The success of these attacks relies upon a certain level of social engineering to persuade the individual to click on the link. In addition, the blogs are being utilized as the first step of a multi-layered attack that could also involve a spoofed e-mail, Trojan horse, or key logger.”

The problem is magnified by the fact that so many sites are offering free Blog hosting these days that there are infinite sources to host your malicious files on the internet. Moreover, most of these services are not competent enough to maintain the integrity of their servers enabling malicious usage of their servers for these purposes. Looks like the web just got a bit worse due to the concept of Blogging.

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