Toshiba unveils a laptop with HD DVD drive

Toshiba unveils a laptop with HD DVD drive to showcase technology

With the recent announcement of Paramount showing its support for the competing Blu-Ray format, Toshiba has to do something to display the capabilities of their standard. And they have just done that. The company has claimed that they have developed the first laptop computer with its new HD DVD drive. This supports the Microsoft’s claims that the format is suitable for the next generation portable computers.

The company has collaborated with South Korean tech giants Samsung Corp and now plans to sell personal computers with a slim HD DVD drive designed specifically for laptops in Japan beginning next year. This would help the consumer looking for storage solutions for high-definition images on the move.

Toshiba said in a statement: “Toshiba has responded to this trend by promoting the advanced imaging capabilities of the next-generation HD DVD format and has now brought HD DVD to portable computing, the fastest growing segment of the computer market”.

Toshiba and Sony are at loggerheads over the next generation DVD format. While, Sony is pursuing its Blu-Ray format, Toshiba considers that its HD DVD format is superior for the end consumer. Both the companies tried to talk with each other to settle on a common format but failed to come up with a compromise.

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