Yahoo! planning a Google Print of its own

Yahoo! planning a Google Print of its own

Google started it and now Yahoo! plans their own version of it. A lot of concepts have been replicated by these companies planning to attract the attention of the users. Google started their Google Print program to digitize the books available in some of the biggest libraries of the world. That program has fallen into some troubles with copyright issues as Google has been sued by the Authors Guild.

Now Yahoo! plans a similar approach and has approached Internet Archive, the University of California and others on a project to digitize books in archives around the world. They also plan to make these books searchable through the search engines available on the web. However, they want to make these books available for free download.

Brewster Kahle, founder of the Internet Archive said in a statement regarding their plans: “If we get this right so enough people want to participate in droves, we can have an interoperable, circulating library that is not only searchable on Yahoo but other search engines and downloadable on handhelds, even iPods.”

The program would be managed by the newly formed Open Content Alliance (OCA) and is designed to skip the hassles of copyright concerns that have plagued Google’s Print Library Project.

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