Intel to bank on Dual-Core Architecture Processors

Intel to bank on Dual-Core Architecture Processors

Looks like Intel has their strategy in place for the coming times to compete heads on against the emerging threats from AMD and the trio of IBM, Sony, and Toshiba (Cell Processor). They have decided to rely on the Dual-Core Architecture Processors and shift their focus to develop these processors for the desktop machines in the near future. They expect to convert 75% of their processor sales to these processors by the end of the next year.

During the Intel Developer Forum, representative of the Intel Corp showcased how they plan to go about it and showed the fundamentals of their technology into building the next generation dual-core CPUs. Their products will be delivered in the market in two variants. The first iteration would be a Pentium D (code-named “Smithfield”) which would be developed on the Intel’s 90nm process. It would ship with two execution cores on a single semiconductor die.

There is another series of processors planned, which is codenamed “MP Paxville” which would feature two cores sharing one bus interface. It would be a server Processor and would require at least the Intel 8500 chip set.

The Pentium D and Pentium 4 Extreme Edition 840 would both max out at 3.2GHz. The basic difference between these two variants is Hyper Threading. Pentium D featuring two cores would support a single thread for both the individual cores. The Extreme Edition on the other hand would support Hyper Threading.

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