Motorola unveils iRadio and Rokr E2 cell phone

Motorola unveils iRadio and Rokr E2 cell phone

World’s second largest mobile phone company has finally decided to venture into a consumer service market by launching their new product offering iRadio. The project seems to be targeted towards the Macintosh maker Apple as they have totally discarded the Rokr mobile phone based project to come out with an updated Motorola Rokr E2 cellphone, which would be powered by the iRadio service.

Motorola iRadio would be a subscription music service, which plans to go on sale later this year. This comes just as more and more mobile service providers are looking towards offering more than just telephony services on their networks. Music and video downloading facilities over the cellular network is getting more and more popular and now Motorola ventures in this market with their iRadio service.

With the launch of iRadio, Motorola enters the market currently dominated by players like XM Satellite Radio Holdings Inc. and Sirius Satellite Radio Inc. They would be first integrating this service in their updated Rokr E2 mobile phone. Unlike the original Rokr, Rokr E2 would not come with Apple iTunes preloaded in it. Instead, Motorola would make the product capable of storing about 70 hours of music.

In addition, if the user subscribe to the iRadio service, they would get access to 435 commercial-free radio channels. They would be able to download channels on the computer and transfer them to play on their phones or on car or home stereos. This is pretty similar to how satellite radio companies offer their own services.

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