Google PC gossips back on the net

Google PC gossips back on the net

Ever since Google took on the internet, their have always been rumors about a possible Google PC that would be free of proprietary Microsoft software applications. And after a long time, the rumors are surfacing back in the news media on the internet. Interestingly, this time it just might happen as an investment house Bear Stearns has claimed that the search engine giant has been busy preparing a box capable of shuffling digital Internet-sourced media content around the home across local wireless or wired networks.

In short, it might be the much talked about Google PC, which would perhaps come loaded with a simplified version of Linux operating system customized to offer cheap computing solutions to users worldwide. Online reports claim that this product can make an appearance at the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show 2006 in Las Vegas.

Other reports claim that the company has been in talks with the retailing giant Wal-Mart to market this product throughout the United States before they start thinking about expanding the availability to worldwide consumers. Experts in the field believe that Google needs a way to get the people on the net who cannot afford to pay for expensive hardware and proprietary software products to surf the net. And this customized PC would help them target these audience to get online and use Google specific services.

We should have more on this as the story develops further.

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