Nokia N-Gage a disappointment for the company

Nokia N-Gage a disappointment for the company

World’s leading mobile phone maker Nokia has finally admitted that they are not impressed by the sales figures of their gaming device cum mobile phone N-Gage. The company now aims to bring the gaming features on their other mobiles to get their technology promoted and expanded to a wider user base. The Nokia N-Gage was launched way back in 2002 and was aimed at competing with devices like the GameBoy from Nintendo.

However, with the recent launches of Sony PSP and Nintendo DS, the market for gaming devices has moved away from hybrid devices like Nokia N-gage. The company has just managed to gather sales of around 2 million units compared to the expected figures of 6 million units in three years.

Anssi Vanjoki, head of Nokia’s Multimedia division, which produces N-Gage said in a statement: “I am not happy. I said we needed to sell six million in three years, and we sold one-third of that. We need to make some changes.” Now, the company plans to bring the gaming capabilities to their N-Series mobile phones, which have just entered the market.

However, the company has no plans to scrap the N-Gage series of mobile phones.

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