Sony launches Cyber-shot DSC-T9 camera

Sony launches Cyber-shot DSC-T9 camera

Entertainment and tech giants Sony have launched their latest product in their digital camera series. It has called the Cyber-shot DSC-T9. It is an ultra compact camera and is similar in shape to the existing DSC-T7 model. Users can just slide the lens cover down and shoot their images. The camera comes with a 6-megapixel picture taking ability and comes with a 2.5 inches big LCD screen.

James Neal, director of digital imaging products at Sony Electronics said in a statement about this camera: “Our T Series set the standard for slim, stylish, point-and-shoot cameras with fine image quality. Now the use of this category of cameras is pervasive. With the DSC-T9, we are taking this category a step further by incorporating advanced imaging technologies that ensure that you get the shot, even in unfavorable light conditions, like nightclubs and restaurants.”

One of the most innovating features in this version is the integration of the image stabilization feature. It helps in controlling distortion of image due to hand shaking during the process of taking the image. The camera does that by lens-shifting mechanism built in. Another interesting feature for the users is the light sensitivity mode, which can be used to shoot in dark settings without relying on a flash.

The camera handles this feature by boosting the ISO. Sony expects to launch this model in the market by early next year and the price is set at around $450. Interested users can pre-order this product from the company now and get it when it is ready for retail shipment.

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