Apple iPod shipment might touch 37 million units this year

Apple iPod shipment might touch 37 million units this year

Apple iPod continues to remain a hot property in the gadget market. So much so, that it is selling more units than ever. Apple continues to evolve it and making it more powerful than ever before. And Apple iPod nano and Apple iPod Video are just some of the examples of what Apple has done to the original iPod which was released a couple of years ago.

Interestingly, people do not mind buying the newer versions in spite of still owning the old one. This is how the craze of iPod exists in the market. And Apple has good reasons to smile about it. Market reports now claims that the company would be delivering close to 37 million units of the iconic music player in the market this year alone. If that is not impressive, we have no idea what is.

Interestingly, the figures of 37 million iPods this year seems to be farfetched considering the current figures stand at close to just 18 million units. With just two months remaining, it might be tough for the company to touch those heights. However, with the holiday season just arriving, the demand is expected to skyrocket. Especially with the iPod Video making an impression as the sales figures of videos from iTunes crossing the 1 million market just a couple of days ago.

Apple is also working hard on maintaining the supplies. The shipment period for the very popular model iPod nano is down to days from weeks.

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