Intel reopens their microprocessor plant in Arizona

Intel reopens their microprocessor plant in Arizona

Intel has just revamped their old unit based in Arizona and reopened it to manufacture the state of the art microprocessors. The unit based in Chandler in Arizona would now be making “leading-edge” 300-millimeter wafer, 65-nanometer process based processors. Intel calls this unit of theirs Fab 12 and it is now the second of such high-volume plants where they would be making their 65-nm process based processors.

The company claims that this revamped unit is the most technologically advanced, high-volume semiconductor-manufacturing plant in the world building multi-core processors. They have got impressive competition now in the form of AMD (Advanced Micro Devices) who have shown their expertise in building multi-core processors.

With AMD announcing a renewed agreement with IBM over semiconductor production, it becomes important for Intel to continue their efforts in mass-producing microprocessors. Bob Baker, general manager of Intel’s technology and manufacturing group said in a statement: “The reopening of Fab 12 marks a first for Intel and the semiconductor industry. The conversion of an existing factory to leading-edge technology—both larger wafer size and most advanced semiconductor technology—further adds to Intel’s manufacturing capability and improves our ability to better serve our customers”

The process of revamping this unit cost Intel around USD 2 Billion. They are now looking towards expanding their manufacturing operations in out-stationed markets like China and Israel.

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