RadioShack to sell AMD Personal Internet Communicator

RadioShack to sell AMD Personal Internet Communicator

AMD has sometime back launched a cheap computing device, which enabled the users to connect to the internet. It was originally aimed at the developing markets to get them IT enabled. However, the device is all set to be launched in the American market as the retailers RadioShack have announced plans to sell the AMD Personal Internet Communicator in the US market.

The device is priced at a low USD 299 and it is a part of the AMD’s initiative to put computers in the hands of half the world’s population by the middle of the next decade. It runs the Microsoft Windows CE and comes preloaded with Internet Explorer, Flash, MSN Messenger, an e-mail client, a PowerPoint viewer, and word processing and spreadsheet applications. The device also has the capability of handling ZIP files.

AMD’s Personal Internet Communicator has been supported by many corporate entities like Microsoft Samsung and Seagate. RadioShack considers that such a device would have a market in the developed nation of the United States in spite of the fact that cheaper low performance computing device have never sold well here.

The specs of the device are pretty basic. It comes powered by a 366MHz AMD Geode GX processor, 4 USB ports, a 10GB hard drive, stereo and microphone jacks, and a VGA port. It does not however ship with a monitor though a keyboard and a mouse are shipped with the unit.

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