Google should expand GMail storage for more uses

Google should expand GMail storage for more uses

Google’s infinite+one storage plan is excellent. It promises us the users of their GMail webmail service that we would never have to worry about mail storage again! They have for now increased the capacities to two Gig which is comparable to paid offerings of the competition. And more is planned in the future. Maybe the storage capacity would now end up as 1 meg more than you need which beats anything Yahoo! or Hotmail can ever offer!

Logic suggests most people would never need so much storage space for email. In fact, this is the reason why GMail can actually roll out massive levels of storage space based on the law of averages. Heavy users are benefited as a result. However, Google can do more with their offering. Why just let us use it for storing mails. Why not extend the functionality to incorporate facilities of online briefcase and photo galleries!

We already have an application in the market named GMail Drive, which let us use GMail space for storing files. It is not official and can lead to blocking of your GMail ID. Google need to pick up ideas from these concepts to bring more features to their users to compete on a larger level with offerings from Yahoo! and MSN.

They already have blogging services in the form of Blogger, which can be linked to this storage space for hosting images and photo galleries. Google services are currently scattered around with company trying to bring to closer to each other as they recently did with Picasa and GMail integration. More can be done to bring all the services together under a common umbrella where Yahoo! excels.

With Yahoo! entering into the blogging scenario with their 360â—¦ service, it is about time we see more unified Google Services. The possibilities are limitless and Google has to decide what it can provide us users to play with!

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