Apple might discontinue the iPod Shuffle

Apple might discontinue the iPod Shuffle

Apple Computers continues to amaze the media with the suspense over their upcoming product launches later this month. We have been talking about a possible iPhone from the company since a long time and now the latest rumors in the market claims that the company might have planned to discontinue the popular iPod Shuffle range of digital music players all together.

Apple related blogs on the internet claims that inside sources have somewhat confirmed that Apple is most likely to replace the current line of iPod Shuffle player with some new products in the iPod series. The player is already short in supplies in the market with the 1GB model out of stock completely. Apple confirmed sometime back that they had no plans to restock their suppliers for the time being.

Surveys have also confirmed that most Apple retail stores are also out of stock for this player and have no idea if and when they would be replenished. Apple iPod nano also was on short supplies during the Christmas weekend but Apple continued to ship more units to meet the demand in the market. This give enough hits to the market analysts that the company has no plans to continue with the current generation iPod Shuffle.

Apple CEO Steve Jobs is scheduled to address the public and media later this month at the MacWorld and that is the event everyone interested in Apple is waiting for…

Update: Interesting thing is that the fabulous Apple iPod Shuffle has completely disappeared from the markets here in India. The retailers say that their is no supplies and they have sold all the units they had. Looks like something weird is going on!

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