Air Sahara has a special offer for London traveling customers

Air Sahara has a special offer for London traveling customers

Like the telecom market, the Indian aviation market is also seeing a massive boom as the entry of new players has increased competition. If the entry of private players was not enough to lower the traveling costs to domestic destinations, the discount offerings are now being offered on foreign routes.

Air Sahara is one of the private players in the market, which has now announced discounted fairs on flights to London. The tickets are however limited and are on offer on first come first serve basis. The return ticket on this route at discounted rates is priced at Rs 17,500. As a result, the cheapest fair on this particular route has now dropped to around Rs 8,000 with the actual cost of a ticket excluding taxes coming at around Rs. 10,000.

Air Sahara has on offer around 2,006 such tickets over the next 12 months. However, this might result in other airline companies coming out with their own offerings. Therefore, in the end it would benefit the frequent fliers on the route. Ronojoy Dutta, president, Air Sahara said in a statement about this new promotional offer: “We have always been the price leader. Expect us to come up with such schemes regularly.”

Air Sahara has further plans to boost their services by launching flights to new destinations like Hong Kong and Bangkok along with Singapore in the coming months. They are currently waiting for deliveries of seven Boeing 737-800s in the next 12 months.

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