Starz Entertainment Group to launch Vongo movie download service

Starz Entertainment Group to launch Vongo movie download service

Cable network Starz Entertainment Group has announced that they are now entering the growing market of movie downloading service. The aim is to become one of the first major players in the market, which could see entries from biggies like Apple, Sony, and Microsoft. Apple already dominates the music download service through their iTunes digital store, which recently began selling music videos and television series episodes for their iPod Video.

Starz is collaborating with both Microsoft and Sony for this service, which would be known as Vongo. The aim is to offer more videos on sale for download on the internet before the market sees another boom like digital music stores saw many biggies launching their services in 2005. of course, they are not the first one to enter this market which already has players like CinemaNow Inc. and Movielink operating since a couple of years.

They plan to be a bit different from others by offering a rotating slate of feature films playing on their cable channels to download on PCs and portable video playing devices for a fee. It would be interesting to see if consumers would actually prefer to watch movies on the go on digital players with smallish screens like they did with digital music players.

Vongo would be relying on the Microsoft’s Windows Media technology to provide copyright management and the ability to let customers watch movies on portable media devices.

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