Auto Show in Detroit to reveal hybrid plans of GM, Daimler, and BMW

Auto Show in Detroit to reveal hybrid plans of GM, Daimler, and BMW

American auto companies might be some of the biggest automakers in the world in terms of numbers. However, they are not doing very good on the ground. Both Ford and General Motors are making huge losses in the American market and the year 2005 has become one of their worst ever in the past couple of decades. As the New Year has begun, all of these companies would be hoping for a better year ahead.

Auto shows present these companies the best opportunities to showcase their upcoming technologies and products. And an upcoming show in the Detroit city is expected to see companies like GM, DaimlerChrysler, and BMW revealing their upcoming plans for the American market. Industry sources claim that all of these market giants are expected to come out with their plans to launch newer hybrid technology based products in the competitive US market.

These three companies had sometime ago formed a collaboration to work on developing hybrid technology to take on the market leaders Toyota. The alliance has adopted and is moving ahead with the development of the GM’s all-new hybrid technology. Honda Motors is another major player in this segment quite active with their hybrid technology based products.

GM, DaimlerChrysler, and BMW are now aiming to launch the new products based on these combined hybrid technology by next year. Their technology is basically a two-mode hybrid system containing an electronically variable automatic transmission with low-speed and high-speed motors that support the gasoline engine.

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