eMagin Corporation targets iPod Video owners with EyeBud 800

eMagin Corporation targets iPod Video owners with EyeBud 800

So you bought the recently launched Apple iPod Video device a couple of days ago and now finds it video screen a bit smaller than you had wanted? Now, you have an option to make the experience much better. Bellevue-based eMagin Corp. is now targeting the user base who owns the newer iPods with their products aiming at making the video viewing experience a lot more exhilarating.

The company normally develops equipments for military and industrial uses and now plans to tap the regular consumer base. Their new product called the EyeBud 800 plugs into Apple Computer’s portable media device and displays video from it in front of one eye. This is very much like in sci-fi movies, which gives the experience of a big screen experience to the eye.

This would thus become the latest accessory to support the large number of iPods available in the market today. However, this accessory is going to cost much more than the iPod itself. The company plans to market it at a retail price of USD599, which is at the moment close to USD 200 more expensive than the 60-gigabyte iPod.

However, the company believes that their product is innovative enough to lure in the customers to the EyeBud 800. eMargin claims that the proximity of the screen to the eye, and the magnifying effect of the company’s optical technology leads to consumer getting the feeling of watching a 105-inch display from 12 feet away.

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