Chevrolet Tavera helps General Motors do well in India

Chevrolet Tavera helps General Motors do well in India

General Motors is the world’s largest maker of automobiles. However, the company is not exactly doing great in their markets worldwide. Their domestic operations in the United States are in tatters and the company is making big losses. They further have massive plans to cut down on workforce and shut down loss making plants.

However, General Motors seems to have recovered well in their operations in the Indian market. After failing to attain much with their Opel branded vehicles, GM decided to make use of the popularity of the Chevrolet brand image in the Indian market coupled with the vehicle expertise of its subsidiaries.

GM has reported that their sales grew by around 18 percent in 2005. One of the primary reasons behind this growth was the hugely popular Chevrolet Tavera multi-utility vehicle. The company sold around 30,837 vehicles in 2005 compared to 26,166 in 2004. Tavera itself sold around 18,622 units in 2005.

Other than that, GM also sells other vehicles like Corsa and Corsa Sail along with Forester and Opel Vectra in the Indian market. They aim is to get around a 10% market share in the Indian market by the end of the current decade. And they have plans to increase their manufacturing capacity at their plant in Halol from 60,000 units a year to 85,000 units this year.

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