General Motors turns to hybrids

General Motors turns to hybrids

Honda and Toyota started the trend and excelled in it. Ford has expressed their opinion to follow it seriously and now General Motors has expressed that they would go big time into developing hybrids looking at the changing trends in the American auto market. Until sometime back, the consumers were more interested in gas guzzling mini trucks and now with the rising fuel prices, they prefer fuel-efficient vehicles.

The company has said that they see the viability in rather unprofitable hybrid vehicles and is boosting efforts in their development. GM has accepted the fact that they are late comers to this market and have never shown enough interest and now plans to make up for the lost time. GM’s vice chairman Robert Lutz was talking to reporters when he said: “That will change very quickly as we roll out our various categories of hybrids, but right now we’re not where we ought to be.”

GM has said in the past that they would not make vehicles, which make losses for them, and hybrids are not very profitable in the shorter run. However, they are now planning to take hybrids as a mode of corporate advertising to show a company is technologically and environmentally advanced and ready to bear the expenses.

The company has also stopped their employee pricing schemes for regular customers and is now concentrating on offering value pricing as a way to emphasize a vehicle and its attributes as opposed to the deal itself.

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