Apple might face a backlash from the music companies

Apple might face a backlash from the music companies

The maker of the iPod digital music player and the operators of the iTunes digital music online store Apple seem to be in a war with the music companies in the United States about the pricing of the songs on the store. The company sells the single tracks for 99 cents and albums for USD 9.99. However, this price structure agreement is going to end soon and the music companies want the Apple to price the songs variably.

Steve Jobs has openly declared that the music companies would be showing their greed by making such a demand considering for the first time it is looking that people are ignoring free pirated music to purchase it online due to the convenience of the price from the iTunes. And he warns that if the prices are raised, it would dampen the user interest in iTunes.

However, music companies are adamant and might simply boycott the iTunes leading to problems for the end users who might not be able to find music from popular music artists on the web store. They believe that the domination of the Apple’s services have given them an unfair advantage which in the end harms the musicians and customers. However, it is also well known that the music companies take away most of the percentile of their share and leaves little for the music makers.

Some music companies have even gone to the extent of saying that Apple should share a part of their profits from iPods with them considering they provide the content, which drive the sales of this iconic music player. We find this pretty hilarious indeed.

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