Dell and Hewlett-Packard support Blu-Ray camp

Dell and Hewlett-Packard support Blu-Ray camp

The recent news of Intel and Microsoft coming to the support of HD DVD format has somewhat disappointed the PC manufacturers especially Hewlett-Packard and Dell. Both of these companies have come to the defense of Sony’s high-definition optical disc system and claims that the Blu-Ray format is the right standard for the Personal Computer segment to provide next generation data storage capabilities.

Dell and HP claims that the logics behind the Microsoft and Intel’s rejection for Blu-Ray format are flawed and based on inaccurate information. Maureen Weber, general manager of HP’s Personal Storage Business spoke about this: ‘From a PC end-user perspective, Blu-ray is a superior format. It offers 67-150 per cent more storage capacity, higher transfer rates, slim-line notebook compatibility, broadband connectivity and a proven interactive layer with BD-Java’.

Both the companies also said that most PC manufacturers have supported the Blu-Ray camp and they feel the same. They also believe that Blu-ray and its AACS rights management system will permit managed copying and network streaming. HP and Dell also say that the production model of the Blu-Ray players would support current generation DVDs by adding the red laser technology as contrary to Microsoft’s statements.

Kevin Kettler, Dell’s chief technology officer spoke about Dell’s opinion: ‘We are actively engaged with our customers who continue to tell us that features such as capacity, advanced interactivity, and industry wide support are of utmost importance when considering new optical solutions.’

He added: ‘Based on this feedback and a comparison of the two formats, Dell has no doubt that Blu-ray Disc best meets the needs of computer users and provides the type of open industry standards needed to drive innovation and growth of the format across all platforms – consumer electronic, personal computers and gaming consoles.’

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