Decline in sales for Ford, GM, and DaimlerChrysler for month of May

Decline in sales for Ford, GM, and DaimlerChrysler for month of May

The figures are finally out for the month of May and all the top three giants of the American Auto Companies have shown a decline in sales report. This was more of less expected, as the consumers are no longer enticed to visit their showrooms to buy new vehicles as reported by media reports.

The official word from Ford was: “May was not nearly as robust in the auto-sales sector as it was in March and April.” The seasonal annual sale of vehicles was reported to be around 16.7 million vehicles. This was down from 17.4 million reported last month.

One of the prime reasons behind the lagging sales were rising oil prices as the Ford noticed a drop of 5.5% in their top-selling F-Series trucks. Their car sales were also down by around 5% with the figures showing 101,711. Their Mustang vehicle however stole the limelight with a highest sales record in 25 years. The sales of Ford Mustang were up by 47% to touch an impressive 19,721.

The company plans to build 905,000 cars and trucks in the second quarter of the current year, which matches the previously planned targets despite the slowing sales. General Motors had similar story with a 5% decline in vehicle sales figure. Surprisingly, Japanese auto giant Honda also reported a drop in sales for the month of May.

Toyota however was the surprise package with a rise of 7.8% in sales figure. Nissan was more impressive with a 15.5% jump.

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