Early tests by reviewers give AMD advantage over Intel

Early tests by reviewers give AMD advantage over Intel

Anandtech and Tom’s Hardware are the two most recognized online resources to get access to reviews about latest hardware available (and sometimes not yet available) in the market. And they both have released their test results of the latest fad in town, the dual core processors for the PC Platform.

While, Intel released their Pentium D processors last week, AMD launched their range of Athlon 64 X2 chips only yesterday. And both the reviewers have generally favored the AMD’s offering in this new segment.

These are just the initial results and do not necessarily reflect practically in the real world. Especially considering the fact that AMD’s Chip for a change are quite expensive compared to the offerings from the microprocessor giant Intel.

The results showed that AMD had an advantage over the Intel’s processors in fields like running single applications and games. Intel had a slight advantage when it came to multitasking and tasks involving Web surfing or burning DVDs. Tom’s Hardware gave extra points to the AMD chips for the fact that they consume less electricity and as a result would dissipate less heat.

The price and availability of the products in the retail segment should ultimately decide on what processor would rule the market in the coming times.

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