Bill Gates say Microsoft is ready to take on Google

Bill Gates say Microsoft is ready to take on Google

Google has dominated the search field for so long that it feels like Yahoo! and MSN were never really the first choice of search engines for web users. However, both the companies have been working hard on improving their searching capabilities in the recent times. While, Yahoo! has recovered nicely, Microsoft is finding it hard to compete with Google with their revamped MSN Search.

However, Microsoft is not disappointed and their chairperson Bill Gates claims that the company welcomes the challenge provided to it by Google. They plan to improve on their search engine technology in the next six month to make it more comprehensive and better than any other available to users worldwide.

Bill Gates was on his first trip to Israel and said: “We are not afraid of Google, but there is intense competition between us. Google is our main competitor, brilliant people work there, but Internet search engines are still in a terrible state compared to where they could be.” He added: “This is a situation that we hope will change for the better in the next six months. We are working on it, as are other companies, such as Google and Yahoo.”

Microsoft just has a market share of 12% compared to Google’s 45% in the USA. Interestingly, Google is also pursuing opening a development center in Israel, which is said to be an excellent market for technically proficient engineers.

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