Tata Motors exploring ideas on their small car

Tata Motors exploring ideas on their small car

Much has been talked about the small car project from the house of Tata Motors. The company is now seriously working on it and is exploring ways to keep costs low and develop cheaper ways to manufacture components and pass on the benefit to the end consumer. However, market analysts are worried that the process of cutting costs might result in a car, which is not very safe for the end user.

Interestingly, car safety has never been a high priority for the Indian government when the cars are launched around here. The government just a couple of years back made it compulsory to wear seat belts. Auto makers were not even carrying seat belts in some of the cheaper variants of their models. Fortunately, now all the cars are supposed to come with belts both in front rows and back rows. Airbags and other safety features are still a luxury in Indian prospective.

Tata Motors Managing Director Ravi Kant told reporters: “We are looking at tax subsidies and other fiscal incentives being offered, and we have also seen strong interest from other countries which are low-cost manufacturing centers”. The company is trying to fulfill the dream of Tata group Chairman Ratan Tata who wants to launch a Rs. 1 Lakh Car in India for the common man.

The aim is to make it easier for two vehicle riders to own a car.

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